Bone Conduction Hearing Aids (Non-Implantable)

If you are having reoccurring otitis media/externa or single sided deafness, then bone conduction hearing devices are best suited to you.

Candidacy for Non-Implantable bone conduction devices:

  1. Conductive hearing loss i.e bone conduction thresholds within Normal Hearing Sensitivity.

2. Single Sided Deafness i.e Normal Hearing Sensitivity on one side and Profound or Unaidable Hearing Loss on the other.

3. Any other condition, that restrict the use of conventional hearing.

Types of Non-Implantable BAHAs:

Analog Type:

These are most basic and cheapest BAHA available. These devices have body worn unit and a headband consisting of bone conduction receiver.

Digital Type:

These devices work on digital technology. These devices provide better sound clarity and better noise reduction. It can be used with spectacles as a part of spectacle hearing aids or can fitted separately with stickers (medel adhear)

Spectacle Hearing Aids


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