Resound One ITC: hearing aid that doesn't look like hearing aid

GN Resound has always been pioneered in introducing new technologies and styles whether it is open fit hearing aids, MFI hearing aids or now rechargeable ITCs.

New Resound One ITCs are so cool that it does not look like a Hearing aid. It looks similar to a stylish ear bud that is so common now a days.

The major challenge for hearing aid industry for so long is the acceptability. People always considered hearing aids as boring and primitive devices that are meant for only old people. But being an audiologist, I encounter young people with hearing loss and unfortunately, sometimes hearing aids are only option available for them. Earlier, we use to suggest them IICs or CICs, but it had their own drawbacks.

All IICs & CICs are battery operated.

Most true IICs and CICs are non wireless.

Resound ITC along with all its premium features like all access directionality, it is WIRELESS i.e it can connect directly to I-phone or Android phones*. You can stream your audio directly into your device whether watching

a video, listening to your favourite music or attending calls.

The most innovative feature is its design. So fluent, without any bulge, touch sensitive. You can control it from your mobile phone through a very user-friendly app. It can be programmed remotely, so distance from the audiologist does not matter. The app will tell you about the perfect fit that should be required to hear properly.

It has unique charger which can charge for the usage of 24 hour with streaming. It has special feature to detect wax accumulation in hearing aids.

So, If you want a hearing aid that has natural sound quality, good connectivity options, rechargeable and discreet too, then resound One ITC is a good choice. Try it once, you will feel good.

Thanks for reading

Lovedeep Kholia, M.Sc Aud.

Chief Audiologist and Hearing Instrument Specialist

Unicare Speech & Hearing Clinic

About the author, Mr. Lovedeep Kholia is a renowned audiologist with experience of more 12 years. He is actively involved in spreading awareness and knowledge about the hearing loss and its consequences.

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